This E-Commerce and Social Media Strategy Will Boost Your Sales and Change The World at The Same Time

It’s official! The holiday season is here (at least for marketers) and with the increase in demand for most products come fierce competition and cutthroat prices. 

As a small business owner and consultant, I have always been fascinated with out-of-the-box strategies to increase visibility and brand recognition.

In the past few years, I have had the pleasure of working with several young entrepreneurs that have implemented some amazing tactics to expand their reach and create a buzz around their products.

The one that caught my attention the most, however, was a high-school student that started an apparel business. His target market is students, just like himself. From an outsider perspective, targeting teenagers with no fixed income might be a waste of time; but his brand went viral in just a few months.

What he was able to do is create a “win-win-win” strategy that catalyzed his business growth and inspired people around him.

His entire business model is based around helping people in need by donating a part of his profits to a charity that is relevant to his target market. The company website, social media presence and branding is in fact built around this very theme.

This fact reminded me that business and marketing are not “two-dimensional” and that people are not always looking for the best deal or the most unique products. Consumers are influenced by factors that are often overlooked, like the need to feel good about their actions. It might be easy to justify spending $40 for a scarf; but it is easier to feel good about spending $45 dollars on a scarf knowing that you are also making a difference.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point taught us that we are easily influenced by positive change and that we will go the extra mile to share feel-good experiences.

I previously referred to this strategy as “win-win- win” because, in this scenario, everyone has something to gain (and learn from). The young entrepreneur has built a healthy business; the charity has gained popularity and it’s receiving a constant stream of donations; and the clients feel good about the purchase and their charitable action.

I think that we can all learn something from this story. In a world where profits and sales lead all business decisions, a young and unconditioned student combined his passion for entrepreneurship and philanthropy to create something truly great.