The Easiest (and Fastest) Way To Make Money Online.

The number one reaction that I get when I tell my clients how easy it is to launch this type of e-commerce store is: "Ok, Deniero, what's the catch?". That's because a business with no inventory, no warehouse and no office seems.... impossible?

Well, this is not only possible but it is actually the fastest (and safest) way to launch a business in 2016.

Have you ever had a million dollar idea but you weren't ready to put your saving on the line to test it out? Well, this is the time to put your creativity to work without worrying about worst case scenarios.

One of my clients wanted to launch his own apparel brand; we had a quick chat about his goals and in a matter of 48 hours his store was up and running with 35 different products.

What makes this possible is drop shipping. Drop shipping is a type of business agreement with a supplier (manufacturer or distributor). Drop shippers allow you to list their items on your site and you can place an order with them only when you get a sale from your channels. One of the most common techniques of drop shipping is to combine basic items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs etc. and brand them with your designs and logos. When sales start coming in, you turn the orders to the drop shipper and they will print your branding on the items and fulfill the orders for you.

Seem's too easy? Well, it actually is! The profits might not be very high ($5 to $10 per item) but you now have the ability of scaling your collection to dozens or even hundreds of products.

If you don't know how to get started with your designs and drop shipping contacts, reach out to me and I will be be happy to help you out. Nowadays, you can get top-notch custom designs and graphic for free or for as little as $5.

You can use Shopify to integrate these vendors in your sales channel. Just upload the mock-ups you get from your vendor onto your store and you are good to go!

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