How to Have a Perfect Week

The Point

It's barely 7 am here. I woke up about an hour ago, and after a thirty-minute meditation session and a hot cup of black coffee, I am ready to hit the ground running. That is how all my Mondays start. To be completely honest, though, these are not the first thoughts that pop into my mind. For as much as I'd like to believe I am always motivated, that's not the case. My first thought this morning was: "Oh wow, it's already Monday. I have so much stuff to do." See? I am not different from everyone else. I, too get overwhelmed. At times I even feel discouraged. So how is it possible that I always end up doing what I set out to do? 

Here's the thing. I have a solid plan to fight my negative thinking, and that is it.

As soon as I notice my little fearful voice in the back of my mind, I acknowledge it, and I give it the time to sink in. Why am I anxious? Is it the number of things I have to do, or is it the fact that I will have to work on brand-new problems? I give my self a few seconds to feel the stress, then I breathe out, and I repeat to myself, "Everything is perfect, I am in control." That is a mantra that I came up with to help me get through the hard times or any time that I feel overwhelmed. When I repeat these words, my mind automatically switches from a fear-based thought pattern to a blank slate sprinkled with compassion for myself.

Why a Mantra?

It's a quick reminder that I am the hero writing my own story, and no one can take that away from me.

Once I stop the negative thought pattern, I make sure to keep my mind quiet for as long as I can. That means anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes. I put hide my phone between the couch cushions, and I  sit in silence sipping my black coffee. If I feel like meditating, I spend 20 minutes with my eyes closed paying attention to my inner body (my heart, my muscles, my breathing). Then after that, I start setting the right intentions for the day. I stand still, in silence, and I ask myself, "what do I want to do today?" (emphasis on the "what do I want.") Once I have a clear picture of what my perfect day looks like, it's time for me to get started. As you can tell, my motivation is not automatic; it's the byproduct of a series of actions that I deliberately take every single morning. I recognize the power of rituals, and I created my own.

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You Are Not Any Different

If you are struggling with motivation and you get overwhelmed easily. That is a perfect strategy to bring your drive and focus to the forefront every morning. Come up with your own ritual and practice it every morning. Also, you can repeat your personal mantra every time you feel stressed out, tired, and annoyed throughout the day. The more you familiarize with it, the more effective it will be when you needed the most. Rituals and mantras act as anchors for your mind, and once your mind is stable, you can start motivating it. 

Try this out tomorrow morning and let me know how it goes on Instagram @denierob. I answer all the messages I receive so head over there and say hi! 


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