How To Maintain a Winning Schedule When You're Away From Home

It used to take me weeks to get to a consistently productive schedule, and just one long-weekend away from home was enough to throw me back to a vicious cycle of late nights, bad food and lack of exercise. 

When I'd get back from a trip, I used to leave my suitcase in the living room for days and only after a few weeks I'd finally get my self to reset my mindset and get back on the right path. 

It took me quite a while, but after a few years, I am happy to say that I finally figured out a way to enjoy my time off and away from home without compromising my productive lifestyle.

These tips can help you but bear in mind; you still have to use your own willpower!

Wake up at the same time even if it's later in the morning

Even if your idea of a vacation doesn't include waking up at 6 am, you should consider waking up every day at roughly the same time (10:00 am for example). A consistent wake-up time helps you with getting enough rest and remaining in control of your schedule. Even when you shift your schedule, your circadian rhythm will adjust much better with a fixed schedule.  Also, feeling tired while you're on vacation is the worst!

Use intermittent fasting to control your appetite

Again, it's a vacation, so you are bound to eat more junk, but it doesn't mean that you have to overeat. It just takes a couple of days of overeating to stimulate your appetite and being hungry every two hours. I have been doing intermittent fasting for over three years, but I only started doing it on vacation for the past year. I try to alternate, between healthy and not-so-healthy meals and when I decide to go all out, I try to use intermittent fasting to regulate my hunger. I find it so much easier to get back to my everyday routine. 

Keep an active lifestyle

t doesn't have to be a visit to the gym, but as long as you get to move around you will be fine. The goal is to get to bedtime ready to sleep. Even if you like all-inclusive resorts, you can partake in club activities or day trips. It's tempting sometimes just to lay down all day and make good use of the open bar, but I find that most people that do it end up leaving more tired than when they arrived. It about genuinely enjoying your time away and making the best of your time off so that when you're back home, you're ready to hit the ground running (which brings me to my last point.)

Hit the ground running as soon as you get back

 I know this may sound insane, but the first thing I do when I get home from a trip is unpacking. I walk in the door, I unpack, and I tidy up my place. I know my self too well, that's why! If I let myself be in "vacation mode" after I am already home, I will stay in "vacation mode" for a very long time. My mind plays tricks on me so now I don't let it anymore! By resetting my wardrobe and my home, I use that as a queue to remind myself that we're back in business. Having a clean house and my suitcase out of sight motivates me so much. It's one of those small wins like making your bed every morning! 

So here's how I have been able to keep a consistent schedule. Let me know if you are looking for help to kick-start a new project reach out to me at or DM me on Instagram at @denierob for 1-on-1 coaching.

Deniero Bartolini