How to Stay Motivated after Failure

We all heard "it's only a failure until you stop trying" and it does sound great until you're actually in the trenches yourself. Until you are faced with having to pay the bills of an expensive business move you thought was going to take you to the next level but that instead left you with a sour taste in your mouth and a hole in your wallet. 

In reality, during those moments, you feel like you gave your best and you don't know what to believe anymore. 

As time goes by and I look back at my countless experiments though, I smile at the fact that only a handful of them took off and the rest crashed and burned. What's interesting, is the fact that those few that took off are worth all the pain and the struggle I had to go through.

In the words of Mark Cuban "You only have to be right once." Busines is like a neverending game. You can play as many innings as you want and if you are committed to learning from your mistakes and practice with the intent of getting better, you will eventually succeed.

While there's no secret recipe for resilience, here's a couple of pointers that can help you stay focused on your long-term goals even when it feels like your life is bullying you.  

1. Stick to a proven process: Just like a poker player doesn't have to win 100% of the time to be successful (an above average player wins around 65% of the hands), you don't have to produce gold every time you touch something. Provided that you have done your research and due diligence, allow your self to fail and analyze what went wrong. Take time to understand what you could do to improve and remember: you can't grow if you don't take action. 

2. Read biographies of your idols: When you read how messed up and convoluted the roads to success of your heroes were, it will put your life into perspective. For one, if you are reading this article on your phone or laptop with an internet connection, you are already miles ahead of every self-made millionaire/billionaire from 10 years ago or earlier. Biographies are a great way to see life in retrospect. Realize how unpredictable life is and how success belongs to those who can see the bigger picture while staying focused on the present (the only thing that's under our control). 

3. Spend time with likeminded people: There's nothing worse than failing and having someone tell you: "I told you so." You don't want a negative voice reinforcing your doubts. Hang out with people that will motivate you to get better! When my friends take a hit, I listen to them, and I help them get back on their feet as soon as possible. It's all about your mental game. You cannot afford to work on your mental game and then have someone else ruin it for you. Curate your social circle just like you'd take care of your eating habits if you want to be healthy. 

These are a just a few ways that will help you immensely. DM me on Instagram @denierob or email me at for coaching. You need a mindset reset. We all do.

Deniero Bartolini