Mewing (Tongue Posture), Body Posture and their amazing side effects

If you are already familiar with the concept of "Mewing" or tongue posture you can skip ahead to the "My background" section. If you don't know what I am talking about, then keep on reading!

What is Mewing

Mewing is a nickname for correct tongue posture. The name comes from Dr. John and Mike Mew: two orthodontists that studied the effects of tongue posture (coupled with a few other exercises) on face shape and function. In their studies, they found that when the tongue rests under the palate, it support the growth of the maxilla (cheekbone and upper part of your mouth). That means a healthy looking face, a broad dental arch and good breathing habits.

However, when we keep our mouths open, we lack support in the lower part of the face, and the oral cavity collapses inward. The lower jaw (mandible) is forced to retract to match the upper teeth and the face becomes longer and thinner.  Dr. Mew senior and junior have treated lots of very young patients with their technique (around 8 to 12 years old). That's because their bones are still developing so, a slight change in forces merely redirects the growth of their face.

Dr. Mike Mew also mentions that the ability of the skull to adapt under pressure drastically decreases after 25 years old. In my opinion, achieving perfect tongue posture is extremely hard regardless of age, and since adults tend to have lots of other priorities in life, they give up before they see any meaningful result.

My background

I have been a mouth breather since I can remember. I am allergic to dust, and I had pets at home since when I was little. My nose was often stuffy, so I started breathing from my mouth early on.

As a consequence, I couldn't sleep properly (often snoring) and I got lots of sore throats and colds. Bad sleeping habits made me always tired, so I also had poor body posture, often slouching or leaning over.

Before discovering tongue posture, I started looking into body posture due to some bad jaw joint problems. After visiting an osteopath, I realized how everything in our body is connected. I started noticing how my poor breathing habits had created a chain reaction. That was the breaking point. I was on a mission to change my posture for good!

It was during this time that I came across several videos and articles about mewing. This concept resonated with me because I am regularly looking for new ways to practice mindfulness. I am a deep believer in mastering my mind and my body, so Posture had an all-encompassing aspect that motivated me to start.

I spent a few weeks immersing myself in this topic, trying to find as many resources as possible. I knew that this change wasn't going to be easy. For over thirty years of my life, I carried myself a certain way. Now I was about to abandon my old ways and embrace a complete new version of me. Just like with any other habit, the beginning steps are the hardest. I was constantly fighting against my original programming, but with hard work and dedication, I was able to make proper Posture a habit in about five months.

The amazing side effects

It has now been a year since I started this journey and what fascinated me the most about it was the wide variety of positive effects I discovered along the way.

There are the physical aspects, 

  1. improved body function and flexibility,

  2. reduced stress on neck muscles and shoulders

  3. reduced knee joint problems

  4. reduced headaches etc.

Then there were immediate psychological aspects:

  1. Improved confidence

  2. increased energy

  3. increase in alertness

What I didn't take into account was a whole new set of benefits. The long term psychological ones. We are inherently lazy, so when we try to change who we are by forcing ourselves to use our bodies in a different way, we find a new source of energy within us.

Starting a good posture habit is hard because, at the beginning, you have to be aware of your body and tongue position at all times, even when you are going to bed. Many people consider this impossible but with the right amount of mindfulness and patience, you can finally instil the habit and enjoy decades of mental and physical benefits.

I also found a deep connection between proper Posture and my ability to forgo immediate pleasure for future gains. Posture is my constant reminder that to achieve great things in life, we must suffer a bit along the way. There are no freebies, even our own health and wellbeing is not free and comes at a price. 

If you have been experiencing any back or neck pains, low energy or low confidence make sure to fix your posture. It will solve some of your issues and it will definitely help you put your everyday struggles into perspective.

In regards to Mewing, as with any new concept, there are quite a few skeptics. Most of them say that bone is extremely hard to reshape and especially later in life we can't rely on our own tongue to do all this work. In all honesty, I see where they are coming from. When I first tried to tuck my tongue under my palate, I couldn't even fit it, let alone keep it there all day and night. But after about three weeks of constant struggles, I was finally able to break in the roof of my mouth.

From then on it was only a matter of being present and letting time do the work. Every month I can feel my palate expand and change its shape. I am now able to breathe through my nose at all times, even when I sleep. I haven't had a cold or a sore throat in over a year, and I know that this is just the beginning of a lifelong journey. 

Let me know if you have tried adopting good body posture and how it affected your life. I am super active on Instagram so DM me there and let's chat more! 

Also, if you are stuck working a job you don't like or running a business that's not generating sales, contact me. I have helped so many people work on their confidence and mindset. With your hard work and my coaching you could be living the life of your dreams in the next few months!

Deniero Bartolini