Should You Sell What You Love Or What Other People Want to Buy?

Since I started my e-commerce journey, a lot of people approached me with the same question: "Deniero, I want to start selling online, but what should I sell? I can't think of any products that I am truly passionate about."

The reality is that the internet doesn't care about what you and I like! People will buy what they want, regardless of what our passions are. So as long as we can fulfill someone's need, we are going to make a profit. 

If you want to add a passive income stream to your bank account, become passionate about the process of building a brand from scratch and find a product based on demand and not on your gut feeling.

Selling online requires quite a bit of work, and you won't be successful at it unless you show up every day with a winning attitude. 

You have to find a product, research manufacturers, contact suppliers, work with graphic designers, email freight forwarders, talk to your customers (and the list goes on!).

Of course, if you end up finding a product that you love and that you end up using every day, that's fantastic, but don't let that be an excuse for not getting started!

If you are not sure what to sell, Jungle Scout can help you figure it out! Jungle Scout is a tool that integrates with Amazon's biggest marketplaces and shows you product demand, average reviews, and an estimate of the Amazon fees. 

The passion for a product alone can't sustain your business

Let's say you are passionate about Tennis and you decided that you are going to sell tennis balls. In the beginning, you are going to love it, but you'll soon realize that the product doesn't play a massive part in the overall process. There's so much more that goes into a successful product launch, and when things start going the wrong way (and they will for sure!), you won't have the motivation to push through. Also, if you choose a product only based on your passions, you may deal with an over-saturated market, or your competitors may have better prices and way more selection and reviews than you do. 

Become passionate about the process

The best way to secure your success is to look at the numbers when you're choosing what to sell. Find a product with good demand, analyze pricing, competitors reviews and if everything makes sense, go ahead! When you follow the process, everything falls into place, and you will start getting small wins that will motivate you to move forward. Try not to look for a home-run product but instead, aim at building a portfolio of products that will generate 1 to 2 k a month each.

Don't procrastinate!

Whatever you do, don't procrastinate! There are plenty of opportunities out there and waiting is only going to delay your trial and error process. It may take you two or three product launches before you end up making a profit, so you are better off starting now and learning from your mistakes as soon as possible. 

If you can see yourself doing selling online, but you don't know where to start, DM me on Instagram or email me at to get some ideas or to ask for help! I have helped several people become successful private label sellers and I can’t wait to see you take off too

Deniero Bartolini