Interview with Kofi Amoama from BizStart Entrepreneurship

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kofi Amoama.

Kofi Amoama is the Manager of Youth Entrepreneurship at Youth Employment Services, a Government-funded organization here in Canada that helps youth start their careers and open their own businesses. Over the years Kofi has worked with hundreds of young entrepreneurs through Biz Start, the program that he manages. He has seen (and helped create) countless success stories.

During my conversation with Kofi, we talk about the following points

  1. The average amount of time that people take to start and scale a business.

  2. How to balance passion with the ability to learn new things and get out of your comfort zone.

  3. How much money you should save (or have) before starting your business.

  4. The most common mistakes people make when they first start their entrepreneurial journey.

  5. The most underrated skills in business.

  6. Why some people fail and some succeed

If you live in Toronto, make sure to check out the BizStart program at YES. It’s a government-funded program that will give you all the skills necessary to start and run your business (including mentorship by seasoned business owners)

Deniero Bartolini