Build a Personal Brand - interview with Lucas Aylward.

This week, I had a fantastic chat with Canadian Entrepreneur Lucas Aylward.

Lucas has a fascinating background. He started his career in the fitness industry. He then opened a successful marketing agency that helps personal trainers get clients in their local areas as well as online. His personal brand on Instagram has been growing consistently and has created a great online community of like-minded people. He also has an amazing podcast called The Sky's the Limit, where he interviews entrepreneurs and other people on the rise.

This is what we talked about during our conversation.

  1. What got him started and how this reason still fuels his passion every day.

  2. How long it takes on average to build a personal brand like his, and what you can expect when you start out.

  3. The secrets to making sure you stay motivated, even when things are not going your way.

  4. How you can make sure to keep your mental health a priority when working under high levels of stress.

  5. What platform you should use and why.

  6. Where is social media heading in the next few years?

You can find Lucas on Instagram @lucasaylward, and you can listen to his podcast here.


Deniero is an e-commerce and digital marketing entrepreneur, content creator and speaker. Follow him on Instagram @denierob and subscribe to his podcast Up Your Game.

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